Ten handy websites for use in the office

There are so many websites and tools out there that we could use in the office but it is so hard to keep up with them. Over time, we at Prima Commercial are going to share great websites that we have used. Sometimes they are handy, sometimes they are fun and sometimes they settle office bets. So without further ado here are our first ten websites that we hope you find useful in your workplace and make you a better team.

  1. autodraw.com – You really have to try this one out to see it’s full capability but basically you start doodling an image and you will see this websites AI give you options for what you are drawing.
  2. dictation.io – Do you have a long email to write or lots of text for a presentation? Try out this website to save yourself some time. It has accurate and fast voice recognition that you can from within the browser.
  3. noisli.com – Are you working in an open plan office and it can so noisy that you can’t hear yourself think. Put on your headphones or airpods and head to this site. Here you can create your own ambient sounds helping you able to focus better on the task at hand.
  4. iconfinder.com  – Whether you are creating a Powerpoint presentation or need that perfect icon. Try this site which has both free and paid for icons that will make your work pop!
  5. jotti.org – In this day and age we know that online security is important. When you have doubts or you’re suspicious of a file or attachment, run it through Jotti for peace of mind.
  6. wolframalpha.com – We talked about settling those office bets and this is one that can help with that. It does so much more. Simply put in a question and not only will it give you the answer but a whole lot of other information. It covers such broad topics, we know you will want to bookmark this one. Type in “Where is Brisbane located?” to get an idea of the scope this covers.
  7. random.org – This one picks random objects for you. Next time you want to flip a coin to see who is going out to get lunch, try this site.
  8. fonts.google.com – Thanks for the fonts Google. If the fonts you have just aren’t right for you, have a look at these open source fonts and stand out!
  9. squoosh.app – We’ve all been there. For one reason or another you need to compress and image. Next time head to Squoosh and get it done quickly.
  10. fast.com – You know your getting bad internet speed so next time this happens, prove it. Simply go to this site and get your internet speed in seconds.

We hope you try some or all of these websites out next time you are sitting in your office looking for a handy tool. Speaking of sitting, if your office chair isn’t quite right and you are overdue for an upgrade, why don’t you check out our Express line of office chairs . They start from as little as $123.85 and it will make all the difference to your general health and well being.