Home Office Inspiration

Monochromatic Feels

If you’re like me you dream of a work space at home where you can sit and write, design, catch up on emails… just a bit of peace and quiet where you can sit and be inspired. But the truth is your home office is a dumping ground for bills, paperwork, half started projects, old coffee cups and mostly clothes waiting to be ironed. Well it’s a New Year people and what better time to claim your work space back and get reinspired.

This year is all about monochrome, keeping things simple, sleek and clutter free. We have taken a few ideas from Pinterest and are going to show you how you can re create the look using some of our Prima Express range.

WORK STATION – We decided to use the Odyssey workstation. Using a corner work station is a great way to maximise desk space and using minimal room space. Remember a corner work station doesn’t need to be put in the corner. Turn it around and it can be used to create a little nook for your family to sit across from you while you work or client meetings.

SEATING – A very important part of your home office is your office chair. We have chosen the sleek Prima 605M Executive chair. The black seat and chrome fittings give a luxe monochromatic look. Wheels make it easy to scoot around your space. Another idea is a comfy lounge or seat for your visiting family members or even clients. We like the Prima Venus chair, the perfect accompaniment to your home office.

FILING AND STORAGE – In every home office you need a filing cabinet. We all hate filing but it’s kind of a necessity to store your important files, warranties, certificates etc. If storage is an issue we suggest using the Go Mobile Steel Pedestal File in black, white or grey. This gives you 2 draws of storage for stationary and papers and a bottom file for documents. Add a while Credenza storage unit to keep your bits and bobs and place photo frames and ornaments on top of to compete your mood.

SHELVING – We all have tones of books don’t we don’t know where to store. A book shelf is a must in a home office. A stylish way to display your treasured hardbacks is on a Prima Bookshelf. Colours coordinate your spines for effect. Stack books on top of each other and some standing side by side with ornaments and quirky book ends to give life to your display.

Now all you need to do is add the final touches. A Prima Pin Board some great on trend prints – inspirational quotes are always a good place to start. Potted plants in stylish vases are a must and finish some quirky stationary holders, folders and supplies and you have a complete, relaxed, monochromatic, inspiring work space. Now hurry up and get inspired for 2016.